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teleios | i will remember you event

The day Teleios ends in ruin, Dylan closes his shop, The Crystal Card, at noon. While he's not expecting disaster, however, he is expecting guests, and he needs time to prepare, both mentally, not sure how Jack's going to take the fact that he's been lying to him for however long now, regardless of how he took it, back home, at the end of the long con, and physically, food to be cooked and plates laid out. He figures one or the other or both will take him -- well, not six hours, but better to be safe than sorry.

As it turns out, he's right, and when everything is said and done, dinner warming in the oven, waiting, he pours himself a drink, his first of the day, settles down in the chair at the head of the table, and waits for the sound of the Horsemen coming in, downstairs. Locked up or not, he figures they'll manage, either through tricks or simple breaking and entering or maybe, just maybe, through finding the key he left, as part of an inconspicuous puzzle, outside. Old habits die hard and he figures if they find it, it'll be the first clue for Jack, if he doesn't already suspect.

Either way, company will be here soon enough.
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Henley cheats. She comes through the window on the second floor. "You should really learn to lock your windows and doors."

She smiles, holding out a bottle of wine. Ask how she go through a second story window with no ropes or harnesses holding a bottle of wine. Go ahead, ask. No, she's not going to tell you. (She jumped. It wasn't even that exciting.) "First one here?"

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Jack also cheats, though in his own way. Even before he met the Horsemen, his motto still applied, and, though he does notice the puzzle, it's easier just to let himself in, and he's still putting his picks away when he joins the other two. "Hey."
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Oh but Daniel considered it. He stood there, staring at the puzzle and then raising his gaze upwards as if he could see through the floor.

"Really? Always with the tests."

He so thought about going around, avoiding this, yet there was that nagging voice. That one that told him constantly that there was always a test going on, something he had to prove, something he wasn't willing to bypass in the way that would garner appreciation for his effort.

So it was that Daniel was a bit late, because hello puzzle. He didn't bother rapping on the door, unlocking it and stepping in as if he owned the place.

"I really do hope things are ready because now I'm starving."